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Default [After The End] More Equipment Quality Modifiers

As I outfit party members and NPCs alike for the After The End campaign I have in the works, it occurs to me that there are more potential modifiers for flaky equipment than the book listed.

  • Power-Hungry: Double the item's power consumption or halve its operating time for its listed power source. -0.3 CF.
  • Uses Rare Parts: The item is no more likely to break than normal — but when it does break, you must dig around for just the right part! All major repairs require twice the normal parts value (The New World, pp. 39-41), while minor repairs require 5% of the gadget's value in parts. The careful tech will note that this might make some repairs require more parts value than the original item is worth! -0.6 CF.
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Default Re: [After The End] More Equipment Quality Modifiers

Those look good. I've got one of my own to add:

  • Unwieldy: Doubles the time required to retrieve the item from storage. Fast-Draw attempts suffer a -4 penalty. This modifier can be applied to magazines, miscellaneous equipment, and weapons. -0.1 CF

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Default Re: [After The End] More Equipment Quality Modifiers

A particular idea I've used successfully, in the past, is to give particularly large bits of equipment (especially vehicles) their own particular quirks.

For instance, in a GURPS Harn campaign I ran, for years, the PC's nifty new ship had a problem on the shakedown cruise, and highest spar broke on the aft mast and took down the upper sail. So, the PCs got a new one, and carried on.

At some point, later, the ship got into a storm and suffered some minor damage, so I ruled that the spar in the same location broke, again. The party got a little annoyed, but replaced it, again.

The third time that particular spar broke on their very expensive ship, they got really frustrated, so they docked and had a new spar created that was reinforced with iron bands. After that, their ship was instantly recognizable to anybody who saw it, because it was the ship with the iron spar.

I did that, in part, because I'd read a suggestion to give the vehicles owned by PCs their own particular quirks, as it made their ships or cars or spacecraft distinctive. That, in turn, made it easier for them to become emotionally invested, because it meant the PC's vehicles were unlike any other.

It really worked out well, because the group was quite proud of their ship, after that. :)
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after the end, gear

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