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Default Re: [ATE] Farming example

Originally Posted by (E) View Post
AKA Salt
Going back to the SALT facility for a bit, what's the staple diet of its inhabitants going to look like? Sure it may maintain seeds for a diverse range of crops, but as far as feeding its residents I don't think figs and 7 species of cabbage would be worth the trouble. What are the bread and butter vegetables, what fruits would take well to Hallway orchards and produce high yields, what the primary cereal crop would be, what meats would be in their diets, what herbs and spices would be present, and what exotic crops they could potentially want to trade with from the outside. Also what foods they'd export and how those would be prepared. Sure dry rice and beans would make sense, but what about things like canned corn, or tomatoe soups.
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Default Re: [ATE] Farming example

The staple diet for the residents of the SALT facility is going to be extremely diverse, with most (non-processed) food available. It is going to be planned in advance though, with whoever is in charge of coordinating the crops having influence on what gets eaten in the following year(s). Hopefully the residents tastes coincide with the crop coordinators.

A huge range of fruit is likely, this will follow the trend of having a very, very wide range of food available. Being a fussy eater will be problematic when the production is diverse as it is at SALT. The main starch for a meal could be potatoes, sweet potatoes, Yams, a dozen different grains, several other root vegetables, the list goes on.

As for preserved food, canning is actually slightly tricky unless they have access to glass or metal. They produce plastics internally but those might not be suitable for canning techniques. (Anyone with more knowledge of biological based plastics is welcome to chip one here). Salt is also scarce.

That leaves the major techniques for food preservation to be old fashioned. Drying, candying and simply using foodstuffs with a long shelf life. The aforementioned rice and beans being among these, though sugar and dried fruit will likely feature highly as well. Freezedrying would be possible with a little work, though this would be a project undertaken after the end.
Most green leafy herbs are simple to grow under artificial light so they would be present.
As for other flavouring plants I would say that given that the population of SALT is made up mainly of plant experts there would be several hobbyist type operations growing whatever the GM fancies.

[EDIT]Vinegar will be simple, so pickles as well

I hope this is helpful.
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Default Re: [ATE] Farming example

My thinking is a SALT facility has partially opened up relations with other communities in the region so has convertered some of its growing space to more efficient food stuffs for export. Raw materials for canning and the like wouldn't be an issue, there far more mouths to feed then the facility could support so they're in a favorable trading position.
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after the end, ate, climate, farming, livestock.

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