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Default Babette

I think it's cool that my Loyalty rules got put to use, even, or perhaps especially, such an eccentric one. Did you base the series of rolls on the reaction rolls version, or on a Regular Contest roll against Influence skills? Did any of the PCs have Animal Empathy? Or did you base loyalty on Animal Handling skill? I can't help but be curious. . . .
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Default Re: Babette

I think I'm missing some of the context of this thread.
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Default Re: Babette

(For those confused by this thread, the context can be found in this Daily Illuminator post.)

My assumptions were (1) she'd start with Loyalty 6 because she's a terrifying wild animal, (2) they had to get her to Loyalty 16 (Very Good) since that's SE's baseline assumption for Allies, and (3) it should be handled as an Influence Regular Contest using Animal Handling (Bears) -- at default at first! -- versus Will. Dick had Animal Empathy and was at no penalty, but Dr. Cool (who lacked it) was at -5 for her being a wild animal. So this was not easy for them. (Though to be fair, I gave them bonuses for good ideas and good roleplaying, as always.)

I wanted it to take a while (figuring they might just give up), so the one major tweak I made was to roll once per week or per significant interaction with her. A "win" raised her Loyalty by 1, or 2 if I felt that they did a wonderful job of dealing with her. A "loss" lowered it by 1 (usually) and she'd act out later. If they both succeeded, it stayed the same. If they both failed, ditto, but she'd also act out.

It worked really well once they both put the effort in to learn how to train her, and when she hit 16 (just recently), I let them split the cost of taking her as an Ally. (I applied a variant of Unwilling in that they still need to make Influence or reaction rolls to see how well she follows their commands.) Now she won't attack the party (unless given reason) and won't attack Dick or Dr. Cool (unless given a great reason), and I give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to getting her to do stuff. Heck, she was a huge help during last session's fight, though part of that was I let Dr. Cool's Serendipity be that Babette happened to target the raiding party's leader (instead of rolling randomly). :)
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after the end

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