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Default Re: Death Has Never Tasted So Sweet


This somewhat lumpy Club (Adventurers p.99) appears to be made of milk chocolate, peanuts, and caramel. It does normal damage (sw+1 or thr+1 crushing) with the Broadsword skill and - apart from 'is made of chocolate, but can still kill you' - has three magical powers:

Delicious: The Snickers-Snack can be eaten, and continually replenishes its chocolaty goodness. There are three meals worth of food in the club; it replenishes one meal's worth at dawn each day, but if all three are ever eaten, the entire thing is consumed and the item is lost!

Melts In Your Hand: The Snickers-Snack sticks to the owner's hand, and cannot be dropped or let go of accidentally (such as when suffering knockdown from a major wound or critical failure). The owner also gets +4 to resist any disarm attempts. However, deliberately dropping it (or simply sheathing it) requires two consecutive ready actions!

Vorpal: When striking the neck, Snickers-Snack's injury multiplier is 3 instead of the usual 1.5 for crushing damage to the neck.

Power Item FP: 1
Value: $25,000 - more if the buyer has a particularly sweet tooth!
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Default Re: Death Has Never Tasted So Sweet

Originally Posted by Harald387 View Post
Gummy Wyrm
Gummi bears would be scary, too. With the size and strength of real bears, but rubbery and sticky (and in fun neon colors).

For a bit of grossness: The bear's bite does no damage (because it's toothless and, well, gummy), but can engulf a head to suffocate.

Or, for completely different gummi bears: Small horde bears that weigh only a few pounds each, but they bounce en masse onto a target and stick, until the victim collapses under a giant fruit-flavored mound.
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