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Default Power build for a medium

In my horror/FBI game one of the characters would like to developed into a medium. One who can "borrow" skills and abilities from the spirits. It may involve partial possession, though that part is still up in the air.

I'm not sure how to do this, my first thought is just a pool of points available to her that can be used to temporarily access the skills and such. I was also thinking that if she wanted to learn from the spirits, she'd always count as having a teacher.

I could really use some input.
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Default Re: Power build for a medium

wild talent/modular abilities plus modifiers
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Default Re: Power build for a medium

Medium is an obvious choice.

I'd do Wild Talent with Spirit modifier (from Powers) for temporary skills. Buy more levels if you want to do it more often.

As for the teacher, it sounds like an explanation for Reawakened possibly with the Spirit modifier.

Edit: Blessed is another possible advantage for info and bonuses. If spirits can supercharge an attribute, Heroic Feat would cover it nicely.
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Default Re: Power build for a medium

For now, I think the best source is Monster Hunters 1 and 6 plus the last issue of Pyramid.
The Crusaders include some useful Mystic powers that fit.
Channeling is the ability that makes sense for partial possessions but if you just buy other powers you dont strictly need it.
Medium is about talking to spirits though and is generally more useful, especially with Spirit Empathy.
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