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Default Re: [AtE] Wasteland vehicle improvised weaponry

The Australian Army used to make very extensive use of the M113. They made FSVs (fire support vehicle) by bolting a Saladin turret on them, and all sorts of other interesting variants. Actually, they bolted almost any available turret on them at one point or another- V150s, Scorpions, etc. And I think it was the Australians that invented the ACAV.

Unless the Australians sold all of them to some even more cash-strapped military, of course.

Really, the Australians have worked regular miracles on a really tight budget, regarding their military.

Pity about the Austeyr, though. I have yet to meet a Digger with anything good to say about it.

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Default Re: [AtE] Wasteland vehicle improvised weaponry

Originally Posted by acrosome View Post
Pity about the Austeyr, though. I have yet to met a Digger with anything good to say about it.
That's because it's just not a very good rifle, and the early Aussie-made examples had some poor quality control as well.

Also, with a fairly consistent defence budget of around 2% of Australia's GDP, their defence forces aren't really that cash-strapped (Australia is a very wealthy country, per capita). What it is, is stretched over a lot of coastline.
Rupert Boleyn

"A pessimist is an optimist with a sense of history."

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ate, piat

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