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Default Re: Limits on Spells Available in Book Magic?

Echoing others;
A book has no limit on its number of rituals.
GMs decide what rituals/how many are in books (get player input if you want it, but be very careful as to what you allow).

I however disagree that books should be limited in number of spells or a specific theme.

It is my opinion that 'book' is perhaps a poor descriptor as to what is going on, the stated examples for 'the book of the dead' are fine, but book magic is a great concept for say clerical magic in a polytheistic religion. Book magic also would nicely link to a world where magic is very fickle and there is no 'science' to it- an entire carrier could be devoted to just a few spells, and how you arrived at those spells will have nothing to do with how someone else arrived at there spells

Example of some non-themed, very open books, fit for a world where magic is as listed above:
The book of Cantrips: This book by an unknown author is dedicated to magic which is simple enough to be 'field cast' with minimal concern, it is popular for show magicians and most mages find there first study coming from this easy to follow book with quick rewards. There are advanced versions of many spells that have a duration of a month and are cast on objects rather then people, which allows- with regular renewal having some simple magical tools with the wizard at all times.
Light fire (grants accessory: lighter)
Extinguish fire (grants accessory: fire extinguisher)
Warmth (grans trait: temprature tolerance; cold)
Cool (grants trait: temprature tolerance, hot)
Succour (grants accessory: first aid kit)
Find (cast on an object, fur the duration that object will point to what is identified as the object being sought- requires sympathy

Other books in this universe focus on natural progressions
Zatar's Book of flame: Built by the great wizard Zatar who nearly burned the world to a crisp before he was killed.
Light fire (as above)
Warmth (as above)
Fireball 1 (3d6 damage fireball)
Fireball 2 (9d6 damage fireball)
Fireball 3 (15d6 damage fireball)
Fireball 4 (27d6 damage fireball)
Fire blast 1 (1d6 damage fire area effect)
Fire blast 2 (3d6 ...)
Fire blast 3 (5d6 ...)
Fire blast 4 (9d6 ...)
Fire form 1 (turns character into diffuse entity with 1d6 fire aura)
Fire form 2 (turns character into diffuse entity with 3d6 fire aura)
Fire form 3 (turns character into diffuse entity with 5d6 fire aura)


Example, based on the Greek gods:
The book of Zeus:
Smite (high powered lighting bolt, builds a charm)
Shapeshift other, temporary
Shapeshift other, permanent
Shapeshift Self, temporary

The book of Hephaestus:
Craftsman (grants +6 to all rolls to create something)
Genius inventor (grants gadgeteer 2)
Lifelike creation (duration 1 year, consumes an object containing clockwork and that comes to life for the duration, can be renewed)
Volcano (creates a volcano)
Lava flow (12d6 persistent fire effect)
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