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Default SID's Star Wars Campaign (OOC)

Hello there! This will be the Star Wars campaign out-of-character (OOC) thread:
  • You can discuss your roles here; I can also answer to your character creation questions here.
  • Send your stuff via PM, GCS (GURPS character sheet) format preferred.
  • Guidelines here.
  • Still recruiting!
The campaign's overview:
  • Player characters start out as mercenaries working for some organization in Nar Shaddaa, all of you may have different reasons for being there (you can be friends before getting there, but the force will bring you together anyway...).
  • The group will start with small jobs in Nar Shaddaa and depending on the achievements, the party could acquire bigger missions or even get to stuff that could shake the galaxy.
  • Regarding character creation, you can use almost anything from the lore and the expanded universe, all I need is the source.
  • Stuff that may exist 50 years after the "new trilogy" will be available to the player characters (planets, people, ships, etc.)... IF you have the time and resources to find it.
Big thanks to Beth for her support.

  • Characters will know at least two languanges: Common or english, and their race's language. You can buy other languages, it'll be useful (cultural familiarity skills help). Occult languages such a "Sith" or the like might require an unusual background.
Advantages that work per session or session time will work under a post/player basis:
  • Destiny (impulse buys) regenerates every 10 posts * Destiny points * players. Example, 10 posts * DP * 3 players = 30 posts.
  • Gizmo regenerates every 20 posts * players. Example, 20 * 3 players = 60 posts.
  • Luck regenerates every 10 posts * players. Example, 10 * 3 players = 30 posts.
  • Serendipity regenerates every 20 posts * players. So, 20 posts * 3 players = 60 posts.
  • Wild-Card Points, you can have bang skills or style skills (wildcards, only 1 wildcard BTW), and we'll be using wildcard-points. Wildcard-points will regens every [(Wildcard POINTS/3) * 10 posts * players]. Example, for someone with 72 CP invested in a style (6 wild-points or WP), it takes 60 posts to reset the WP, calculated as [ (6 w-points/3) *10 posts*3 players = 60].
Uses are non-cumulative, if you don't call the advantage then it's wasted.

Game philosophy:
  • The aim is running a fun, compelling game, with dedicated players.
  • Good game-play takes precedence over dice rolling.
  • The setting will be challenging, dangerous, gritty and nebulous.
  • Player characters might feel off-balance most of the time; you'll have to think for yourself and take nothing for granted.
  • The adventure is a loosely guided sandbox; you start with a premise or goal, and then it’s mostly up to you.
STAR WARS powered by GURPS, is now recruiting.
Join the game today in the Play by Post section of the forum.

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