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Default Re: [MA] What is this move?

I think some of it is the difference between martial arts training* done with either a nominal view towards certain MMA rule sets (or at least influenced by them). i.e Bare feet, known surface, no stamping in general, no kicks to the head of prone targets, and also one on one situations. And real life fights. You might be god's gift in ground control in the ring, but it's not going to help you much in the local pub when the chap you tying up on the floor has mates, or just a crowd that might turn against you out of active spite or puts the boot in just for a laugh.

As well as just the general point of fighting multiple people while prone. Some of those mates while they initially might not have been as proactive or committed as to attack you head on face to face and upright. They might feel braver when you are flat on you back and busy (i.e you a less intimidating, more tempting target)

*and that won't be all training in a particular Martial art ever around the world, there's a lot of variation in how nominally the same martial art is taught and trained in (and yes that's going to get into the distinction between Sports skill and combat skills which are distinct things in GURPS but less so in RL at times)
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Default Re: [MA] What is this move?

Isn't it easier to aim kicks at the upper body of a foe who is lying down? That's one big drawback.

It's less of a problem with one guy if you can keep rotating to keep your lower body in between your head and your opponent, because they need to enter your lower body hex to be in range to kick your head, but you can kick them before they enter your lower body hex.

The big danger is if you end up with your leg grappled, because that would stop you spinning around so his buddy could come around and stamp kick the face.
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