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Default GURPS Bunnies & Burrows: updating from 3e to 4e rules

I'm in the process of updating GURPS Bunnies and Burrows from 3e to 4e.
It has been more of a challenge than I thought!

I'd like some feedback regarding the Advantage "Eidetic Sense of Smell" in GURPS Bunnies and Burrows. I am wondering if it should be replaced with "Discriminatory Smell" from the 4th Edition Basic rules.

To me, they both seem to be nearly the same, except "Discriminatory Smell" has higher skill bonuses than "Eidetic Sense of Smell," and has a higher point cost at 15 points vs. 10 points. Any thoughts on this point?

Next, with combat skills no longer providing bonuses to Dodge, 4e rabbits tend to have a lower Dodge score than their 3e counterparts. Rabbits still have the Basic Speed of (DX+HT)/2, as per GURPS B&B. Dodge, as per GURPS B&B, is half Basic Speed +1, so the average rabbit has a Dodge of 6.

In the original book, rabbits that are part of the Warren Watch or Hoplites could have Dodge skills as high as 11 or 12, thanks to their combat skill bonuses. This has disappeared in 4e rules.

I should note that rabbits who are part of the Warren Watch or Hoplites can purchase the 4th edition "Enhanced Dodge" advantage from the Basic Rules for 15 points. This would give them a +1 to their Dodge, of course.

When creating characters, I have a rule of limiting increasing Basic Speed by more than 2.0 points. This is to keep with the idea that rabbits in the game are ordinary, and to keep them weak (as they are a prey animal.)
Should I reconsider this and allow higher point expenditure on Basic Speed during character creation, or does someone else have a different idea?

Any thoughts or insights would be welcome. Thanks!

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