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Default GURPS TRAVELLER ship errata?

Hello Folks,
As I was a wee bit bored, I started on statting some of the ships in GURPS TRAVELLER using Thomas Bont's software GMV. It wasn't my intent to actively "fact check" various ships, but to redesign some of the TL 10 ships using a slightly better "Maneuver Drive" for TL 10. Long and short of it is that I compared what went into the module for the TL 10 maneuver drive against that of the TL 12 Maneuver drive and found there was way too much waste space in the TL 10 version. So, I upped it from 40 sTons of thrust to 49 sTons. No biggie right?

In any event, as I tried to replicate various designs in GMV, I found myself not being able to account for 4 dTons of volume allocation for the Donosev Survey Scout. The flavor text in GURPS TRAVELLER STARSHIPS suggests that the survey scout is unarmed, and that one could install hardpoints to the tune of losing 4 dTons of cargo capacity. But where I to install those 4 hard points, it fits the needs of 4 dTons unallocated that I just figured that was the issue.

Then I started to load up the auxiliary craft for for the Donosev class Survey Scout and couldn't find the fuel skimmer in GMV. I thought "Oh Joy, at least I have the GURPS TRAVELLER MODULAR CUTTER book. Just for giggles, I statted that up with GMV software and found some minor issues.

To wit: Loaded Mass listed for the module itself is listed as 55 tons (see pg 49 of GURPS TRAVELLER MODULAR CUTTER). When I statted out the module, I get 55 tons EMPTY weight, plus an additional 22 tons if I add in the fuel at 1 ton per fuel module weight wise. Shouldn't that be 77 tons loaded weight?
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