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Default Heron, Demon Prince of Pollution

Demon Prince idea. Heavy inspiration from Good Omens:

Heron was born as an Angel, a Elohite, to be specific, serving under Jordi. He was created around 715 AD, and was both unpopular and unusual at first because, unlike most of Jordi's servitors, he LOVED humans, to a degree even Mecurians usually didn't. He loved their cunning, strength, and skill. He admired them. Jordi disapproved of this, but Heron proved to be highly intelligent, and, despite Jodi's personal dislike of him, he rose through the Heavenly ranks quickly. He never gained a Word, but he soon became one of Jordi's most well-known Servitors, serving as a social expert and leader par none. However, his admiration for humanity soon took a dark turn. As time went on, he began to admire not their kindness, compassion, or co-operation, but their cunning, brutality, and strength.

His thirst for knowledge drove him to try his best to understand humans, and then, around 1020, he did the one thing a Servitor of Jordi may not do: Killed an animal fo sport. He knew it was wrong, but he soon found himself lost. He set out to make the world a safer place for his beloved humanity, trying to ensure all nature would be cut-back, fenced in, and, if necessary, eradicated. He joined the ranks of Makatiel, Demon Prince of Disease, where he delighted in unleashing animal plagues, trying to drive species to extinction. It was never a perfect fit, but Heron worked nonetheless.

He fled Maketial's court around 1347, noticing his leige's failing sanity. Throughout the following centuries, he moved around a lot. He served Baal, Haagenti, and Kobal, experiences during which he learned much, and became a highly sought-after commodity, as Falling, rather then weakens his mind, had honed it to a razor edge. It was during the 17th Century, while working under Kobal, that Heron met Vapula. The two Angels understood each other, and worked together on many a project.

When Vapula became Prince, Heron soon became one of his first Servitors, and his first Word Bound. The Industrial Revolution offered Heron many a chance to advance his Word, and he took them, making the planet more "hospitable" for humans every step of the way. He claims to have helped in inventing the petrol engine. His intellect allowed him to rise through the ranks well, and his already-impressive social skills were boosted thanks to some crash courses given by one Nybass, in exchange for a few tips offered on Nybbas' invention of Television. Heron kept busy in the 20th Century, and gained his first Servitor of his own in 1912. He moved from strength to strength, creating new polluting technologies, and causing massive eco-disasters. He also played a major role in popularizing cars in the United States, trying to further the cause of Pollution. He was one of the first to see Nagasaki after it was destroyed, and immediately saw the potential. Nuclear disasters soon became one of his favorite fronts on which to work, often with the help of fellow Technologists and an odd friendship he'd struck with some of Belai's Servitors. Throughout the 70s, he was frequently brought up as a candidate for Princedom, and, in 1986, those whispers got even louder, as he pulled off Chernobyl, one of his biggest moves ever. Thousands killed, millions permanently sickened, or forced to leave their homes.

A year later, he was promoted to Prince of Pollution. His first major act as Prince was coordinating the Exxon Valdez spill, and the Demon in charge of that operation became his first Word Bound, as Demon of Oil. He's since been promoted to Demon of Water Toxins. He's snatched up lots of Vapula and Belai's Servitors, as well as a fair share from Mammon and Haagenti, and some from Smaugia, including the potent Servitor of Extinction. Notable Words he has include the aforementioned Extinction, Climate Change, Radioactive Accidents, and Smog. He's very intelligent, and he's already been making life difficult for Jordi and Jean, who have played the biggest role in combating him. All reports are that the still believes he is an Angel, working for the benefit of Humanity. He knows his pollution hurts humans, but he believes that making the world "safe" from the dangers of wilderness is worth it. It is believed that, if he were to get what he wants, he may well render the Earth as cold and lifeless as Mars before understanding his folly.

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Default Re: Heron, Demon Prince of Pollution

Reserved for Attunements. Any ideas, i'd love to hear them.
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Heron, Demon Prince of Pollution

Please edit your post to include some paragraph breaks. It is very difficult to read as presented.
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Archangel Beth
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Default Re: Heron, Demon Prince of Pollution

*fistbump to Andrew, as the exhausted me limps back from Arisia*

I see paragraph breaks now, yes? Not just me? Yay!
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Moe Lane
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Default Re: Heron, Demon Prince of Pollution

Originally Posted by woweed View Post
Reserved for Attunements. Any ideas, i'd love to hear them.
Something that lowered the Perception of a target when it comes to seeing any sort of industrial pollution.
Moe Lane

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