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Default Energy Technologies

What do you guys think about the important nonbiological or non-information science technologies for this setting? Example: Are energy technologies moving fast enough and in the right ways?

I watched this You Tube on Supercapacitors (plus here's the sequel I can't watch today). Does it sound like we might get to tech level nine early? Or late?

Yes, he goofed about the batteries, but the material science is sound.

And energy technology is far more than batteries and central to this setting as none of it functions without vast amounts of energy.

So are we on track? And does energy ever really come into your games even as the prize to be won?
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Default Re: Energy Technologies

The assumption in transhuman space is "batteries get better". As I recall the best THS batteries are around 550 Wh/kg and 2200W/kg, which is better than anything currently on the horizon but not blatantly impossible.
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