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Default Re: Octopus vs starting human in HTH

What's the roll to tie up somebody you (or your buddy) has pinned?
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Default Re: Octopus vs starting human in HTH

Originally Posted by tomc View Post
I've always thought of pinning as a way to subdue your foe without doing any damage. Your arms and legs are occupied with the pin so you don't have a free hand to kill them with. But if you have a friend with a knife it's a good time for them to use it...

I'd treat pinning and killing them as already covered by a very successful regular HTH attack.
I agree that the basic HTH attack is sufficiently abstract that it includes harmful and potentially lethal things you might do while grappling. The fact that there is no specific mechanism for subduing someone without damage and then killing them after doesn't bug me; first, it is implausible (even someone in a tight hold has a way to bite, scratch, wrench fingers and generally continue to try to deliver attacks), and second I don't see the purpose, particularly in a game that doesn't have highly granular mechanics for other forms of attack.
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Axly Suregrip
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Default Re: Octopus vs starting human in HTH

I think all the advanced fighting techniques and peculiar weapons introduced in Advanced Melee were designed with a human vs a human in mind. To much of these just do not fit when applying it to other creatures.

I saw Skarg's pinning rules, and this one in particular does not go far enough: "Pin attempts are one die harder for every hex larger the victim is than the pinner."

If foe is larger by even one hex, you cannot pin him. You just do not have the span of limbs to reach and hold his.

Same goes for number of limbs. If your foe has more limbs than you, you may not attempt to pin.

And that is just the minimum that needs to be changed. There is still more that needs to be done to fix pinning.
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