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Default Re: [DFRPG] Crawl! IC

Bain seems to have the goblin women relaxed, but they are clearly unnerved by the prospect of lethal violence. They are home-makers, taking care of the young and helping the male warriors living in this cave.

They agree to spread word of the party's stand against the evil magicians. They note that there are perhaps tribes of other species in this canyon who would fight against the undead. They are not sure where, though.

The goblin women asks if the party would parley with their king?

Originally Posted by vicious Violence View Post
Vic whispers to the team,

Isn't it really strange, that these goblins are living so peacefully just behind zombies and monsters? and fully knowing about the necromancer? This is beyond bewildering. Are they brainwashed? Controlled by the monsters?

Vic rolls 7 for naturalist (skill level 14), to understand the goblins' behavior and if it's natural for them.
Vic figures that the goblins in this cave have set up security at the cave's opening (and maybe knows a secret passage or two), which keeps them safe from the necromancer threat.
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