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Old 01-15-2023, 07:19 AM   #10
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Default Re: January 14, 2023: AI Art In Gaming

Originally Posted by Phil Masters View Post
So you're using AI art, and presumably hoping to make a profit from the work?
I am generating it for inspiration and reference. I am not using it to trace it or copy the style. It takes years to understand anatomy, perspective, design, animation.

Original artists did not agree to have their own artwork fed into the system, which is what people want to change - only allow artists who agree to have their images fed into the AI to be used.

If someone tries to generate art with "by Feng Zhu", without Feng Zhu's permission, and it replicates their style so perfectly, it shouldn't be allowed to be posted on social media where it has any potential to make profit.

It's the permission that's the issue.

"Nobody is taking bread out of the mouths of artists, or claiming accomplishments that are not their own."

Some of the people who have commissioned me have recently started using AI to get what they need. Because your (and my) sample size is so hard to determine, we will resort to anecdotal evidence. Which I'd rather avoid - and have not chosen to mention in my previous post.
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