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Default Re: Reordering Parries

Reordering yourself in combat doesn't really help the problem though, all it does is ensure the strongest attacks always have the option to go last in order to benefit from earlier attacks being parried, regardless of how the defender would like to be ready.

To me at least it's no less realistic to throw a fast, unlikely parry in order to stay ready for a potentially major attack (which might never come) than it is to be completely unable to parry the minor attacks because you are far too focused on a single important parry. Extra effort only patch the problem as well, the main defense might already assume that extra effort, retreat, etc. is being used to counteract deceptive attacks.

With a cross parry you can parry as many times as you would like with one weapon, and when you cross parry you still receive the bonus with none of the penalties. If that passes the realism check enough to be included in MA I would say throwing quick parries while maintaining the first one is also acceptable.

Allowing parries to be allocated before they are spent also encourages evaluate maneuvers during combat from high threat targets. If the warrior has kept his sword in line with you, only offering quick parries to other attacks (i.e. has his first parry allocated to you) you can evaluate to both waste his best parry and gain a +1 against them next round. Then you can either strike when they are vulnerable (Disarmed, grappled, already used their parries).
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