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Default Some Rick and Morty Munchkin Questions

I got a few Questions concerning the Rick and Morty Munchkin.

Question 1:

If Player A has Hepatitis C as an Ally and he opens the door and faces Hepatitis A, which states that it is automatically defeated if Hepatitis C is anywhere in play.

Can Player B use „Operation Phoenix“ (Discard two of your own Cards in play and choose one card in play to discard from each other player) to get rid of Player A´s Hepatitis C and therefore he won´t automatically defeat Hepatitis A.

Or does the winning effect instantly apply and Player B can´t change the outcome.

Question 2:

Can you Play Go Up A Level Cards even if you are Level 9 just to gain there secondary effect in the blue box.

For example Player A is a LvL 9 Super Genius and he plays a LvL up Card that says: „if you are a Super Genius search the door discards for a parasite to add to your Hand“ so he won´t go up a Level but add a parasite to his Hand.

Also if you Play the Go up a Level Card that states you have to pick a Player to go up a Level with you. Can you choose a Player that is already Level 9 so he won´t get anything.

And if you can´t would you be able to activate this LvL up Card when you are LvL 8 but everyone else is LvL 9

I hope I made understandable what my issues are.
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