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Default Re: Member House Rules

OK, as a follow-up to my last House Rules, I came up with 1 rule for each Army in Munchkin Warhammer 40K version, and I want to see everyone's reactions to them. Death Guard will not get a new one right now, but might later on. Please let me know if these are balanced:
Adepta Sororitas- If they help out another player, their Acts of Faith bonus gets doubled, and they win the battle, they get a free Treasure Card. If they lose that battle, however, their Acts of Faith gets negated till the End of their Next Turn. Between their Turns, they can use their Shield of Faith ability on 1 other player, meaning the Adepta Sororitas player discards the card, but during that Adepta Sororitas player’s turn, if they request help, the player they used their Shield of Faith on must help without requesting reward, unless it's for the winning Level, but the helping player gets 1 free Treasure Card if they win.
Aeldari- They get +1 Level for each Chaos enemy they face. If they use Perfidious Eldar to back out of a fight with a player, and the Aeldari is a lower Natural Level then the one they were helping, they only have to give 1 card to them, and should that player lose, the Aeldari player gets 1 Level.
Necron- Their Resurrection ability has it's Discard effect be reduced by 1 for each player whose Natural Level is higher than them.
Ork- If an Ork takes on more than 1 Monster, and they either face them alone, or only get help from other players with the Ork Army, each Ork in battle gets +1 in Level for that battle for each Treasure the enemy would give.
T'au- If the T'au plays an equipment card that isn't T'au or an Army that player is Allianced with, and that Army is being used by someone else, the T'au player can have both them and each person with that Army draw 1 card from the Teasure Deck.
Tyranid- If a Tyranid enters battle, they can search the Teasure Discard pile for a One Shot and play it, but all One Shots used in that battle, except Equipped ones, get placed on the bottom of the Treasure Deck instead of the Discard Pile after the battle.
Ultramarine- If an Ultramarine has every slot equipped, including Vehicle and Both Hand slots, they can have their Natural Level be added as a Bonus to battles they are part of, but, if they fail to Run Away from a Monster with this bonus, they lose 1 piece of Equipment for each Monster they fail to Run Away from, though their Armor cannot be lost through this method.
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