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Default Re: Fast Draw (Arrow) and Atlatl

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Note that "Or" comes from GURPS Martial Arts... and it's only -6 not -10.
it is -10 when you count in the -4 additional "realistic games" mentioned at the end of the section. which of Course doesn't include Dungeon Fantasy
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Default Re: Fast Draw (Arrow) and Atlatl

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
I used to believe that until I started getting the snark-mail from people who disliked how I'd reduced the amount of dice-rolling in the DFRPG. Apparently, a good number of gamers equate "more rolls" with "greater player agency" or simply "fun." Different strokes, I guess.
There are lots of rolls I'm perfectly willing to make, but when I'm dealing with a single action, I want it to be one roll.
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