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Default Cheat Card Question

I’ve looked around for an answer to this scenario, and I can’t seem to find one. My husband and I are at odds as to how this would work.

I had a two handed weapon I was unable to use due to class restrictions. I used it with a cheat card. During the course of the game, I obtained and used the class required for the previously stated weapon which was still in use via the cheat card. I had another two-handed weapon I desired to play as well.

Since the cheat card is attached to the item, and not to use, I assumed that I could hold both two-handed weapons, since the cheat card and it’s item was still in use. My husband claimed it was a one-time use card, and thus, though it’s item was still in use, I could only hold one two-handed item.

Does the cheat card cover every issue concerning it’s item and could Inhave played the 2nd two-handed weapon? Or was it a one-scenario cheat concerning my original card? Thank you! :)

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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Cheat Card Question

When you play Cheat! on an Item, it's like that Item doesn't exist when you're checking to make sure your character is legal. It doesn't take any Hands (or Armor or whatever), it doesn't count as your one Big item, it doesn't pay attention to Class/Race/gender restrictions, and so on. Cheat! is definitely not a one-and-done card. From your description, it sounds like you played it perfectly.
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Default Re: Cheat Card Question

Thank you so very much!
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