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Default Teenyverse - Ricky & Morty Question

The following debate happened regarding Teenyverse. After searching here, the errata, and FAQ, I did not find an exact answer to our question.

Teenyverse prevents level gain for the following turn unless you get it during your turn. In that case it affects your current turn.

Players are J, A, and M (me).

It was J's turn. He won a battle and gained a level, he then played 3 GUAL cards to gain 3 more levels. A played the Teenyverse trap on J.

J says that since it was played after his level gains, it has no effect on them, but prevents any additional gains on his current turn, which was ending. End result: Nothing bad happens to J, and A effectively lost his trap card since it had no effect.

A says that since the Teenyverse affects the current turn, it (retroactively) prevents prior level gains during that turn. End result: J gained no levels (or lost 4 as he would see it), and A is happy with his trap card play.

After searching for an answer, I suggested that it could not retroactively prevent level gain (based on FIFO), but could be played within a reasonable time after a GUAL card to prevent the level gain. Since, J had played the GUAL cards quickly without giving time for A to respond, A could say that he would have played it after the first GUAL card to negate it and prevent later GUAL cards from being played. End result: J gained 1 level from battle, lost his first GUAL card without gaining a level, but still keeps the other two in his hand.

After putting forth this argument, A stated that he read somewhere on here (I didn't look) that GUAL cards can be played at the same time as a single action. Since, J played the GUAL cards without giving A a response time, the Teenyverse card played after them (in response within reasonable time), would affect all three. End result: J would gain the level from battle, but would gain no levels from the GUAL cards, losing them in the process.

Finally as I typed this, I thought that maybe GUAL cards are not elidgable to have cards played against them in this way, and that the entire issue is moot.

So I guess the questions needing answered are:
  1. Can Teenyverse be played in response to a player gaining a level (on their turn) to prevent the level gain?
  2. Is it retroactive for levels gained during the turn?
  3. If it can only be played against the last level gain, are the GUAL cards played all at once as A says, or each one separately?
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