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Default Newbie question


If I am carrying one big item, i can't carry one small (one hand) or two small items is that correct?


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Default Re: Newbie question

Sure you can. The only limit a Big Item places is that you can only carry one Big Item unless you have some other card that raises that limit like Dwarf. As far as Small Items go you can Carry as many of them as you want.
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Default Re: Newbie question

Also note that you carry all the Items you have on the table. Some of those will be in use (with limits of two Hands worth, one piece of Headgear and so on), and the ones that you don't want to or can't use (because you are the wrong race, or you don't have more Hands or whatever) are turned sideways to indicate you aren't using them.

So you can have as many Small Items on the table as you like, but only one Big Item at a time. That Big Item can be turned sideways if it takes up slots you'd prefer to use for other Items, but you still can't play a second one. If you have a different Big Item in your hand that you would prefer to have instead, you will need to use a legal way to get rid of the first one. Selling it as part of a deal to gain a level, trading it to another player who wants it or discarding it to power a Class ability are common ways of doing this.
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