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Old 04-30-2013, 08:16 PM   #1
roymarth 12
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Default Monster Enhancer Question

Player A is fighting A level 10 monster that is worth 3 Treasures

Player A has a Combat Strength of 18

Player B interferes with " a booster chair" which adds +10 to the monster plus 2 Treasures IF defeated.

Player A plays Magic lamp.

My question is since the monster isn't technically defeated just vanished then Player A is only entitled to 3 treasures not 5.

AM I Correct?

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Default Re: Monster Enhancer Question

From Important Note #3 in the FAQ

For the purposes of the game, "defeating" a monster involves beating it in combat or removing it from play in such a way that you do not have to Run Away. This means that if a Wizard casts a charm spell, or a munchkin uses a Pollymorph Potion, or something else happens that ends a fight without the munchkins Running Away, the monster is defeated. This may or may not grant Treasures, depending on the method of defeat.

"Killed" means that you defeated the monster with your Level and bonuses in combat, or used some card or special ability that specifically states that it kills the monster. For this, you get levels and Treasure. Some Monsters say that they can be defeated immediately, based on circumstances. Unless the card says otherwise, this usually means an instant kill of the Monster, so you would get levels and Treasure in those situations, too.
As long as it says, "defeated" and not "killed," it's 5 treasures.
Andy Partridge
MiB #3282, Palm Bay, FL
Munchkin, Zombie/Cthulhu Dice, Burn in Hell!, Revolution!, Castellan, Chez Geek, OGRE DE, Chupacabra, Nanuk
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six's monkey
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Default Re: Monster Enhancer Question

Five treasures, no level, unless there's some as yet unstated aspect to this combat.
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