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Default Re: Programmed Adventure Editor

Originally Posted by Chris Goodwin View Post
That was my first thought, but how about as HTML? Turn each "Go to [entry]" into a hyperlink whose target is another node.

Just spitballing.
There is actually a text-based online game called Sryth ( with this style of coding. I subbed for about a year. Quite a good game, overall.
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Default Re: Programmed Adventure Editor

Originally Posted by JimmyPlenty View Post
I'd like to see a "right-click - choose color" on the boxes. I'd use this option to mark which boxes I have completed with a certain color. This way, I know how much left there is to do.

Maybe a bold/italic option in the text would be good too.
I've added a "mark as WIP/Complete" feature now. There is a checkbox in the upper left corner which lets you toggle a node between WIP and Complete status. This currently has no effect except that a WIP node has a dashed outline instead of a solid one. So it is a visual indicator, but as yet has no effect on the generated document. Possibly it doesn't need to.

Previously created save files should load with nodes defaulting to Complete status. When you click to create a new node, it defaults to WIP.

This update is on the website version and is part of the downloadable version too. Hope it helps!
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Default Re: Programmed Adventure Editor

Originally Posted by David L Pulver View Post
Somewhat annoying, yes. I saw Delta Vee first as an issue game; I think I bought the separate version of Universe rather than the Box Set.

I've also liked Universe for sentimental reasons -- it inspired me to restart a moribund Traveller game (blending elements of both systems together and making up more of my own rules to fill gaps) that ended up lasting several years, which in turn encouraged me to design and write RPGs.

Another solo game from SPI Ares stable was Damocles Mission, which was sort of Citadel of Blood In Space, combining chit/tile building and paragraphs. It was interesting for SPI in being almost entirely non-violent, Archur C. Clarke-style Rendezvous With Rama-type science adventure . I found the concept good but the execution a little dry.
Sadly, that last sentence pretty much described most of the "fantasy/Sci-Fi" games they came up with -- great concept, kind of boring in the execution. I never quite put my finger on it, except maybe that their style of rules-writing didn't mesh well with some of the concepts. (Allow me to note that they hit it out of the park with Albion, and the Pandora games, though...) I liked Damocles Mission. It was another one that could have used some more development time and a little more in-depth thought being given to it.
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