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Default Re: Azoth-2: TL3 with Alchemical Nukes

Originally Posted by tantric View Post
In Tad William's War of the Flowers, the situation is accomplished by using dragons. The scene in which a dragon destroys Parliament with a surprise attack is deliberately written to resemble a nuclear strike, though it also unfortunately resembles the 9/11 attacks.

My own campaign features two magically powerful civilizations in conflict. It's a cold war now, slow attrition on both sides, but eventually the players will have to decide whether or not the use of WMD's to commit genocide is acceptable in their circumstances.

We have four main vector of war-death: gunpowder, nuclear fission and chemical and biological weapons. A magical world has *thousands*. Zombie apocalypse, weather magic, fire elementals, dragons, sonic death rays, sentient cloudkills, prismatic MIRV's - the imagination is literally the limit.

I particularly like the 'Prismatic MIRV' - I gonna hafta use that one.
Until quite recently, DNBI killed far more people in war than actual weaponry. DNBI+ disease non battle injuries, which is a fancy way of saying 'sickness in camp killed a lotta dudes.''

If the fantasy setting doesn't have relatively common and cheap healing magic that can cure diseases, then diseases may still kill more soldiers than weapons. If it has the right sort of magic, diseases may be weapons.
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Default Re: Azoth-2: TL3 with Alchemical Nukes

We played a fantasy campaign that was TL 3 + ?(Magic) w/ magi nukes.

It involved a post-war cease-fire that if broken would threaten mutually assured destruction. The Nation we called home had refined a weapon known as the Skull Spirit Bomb. Yield improved since it's original design, from 100 to 100,000 skull spirits (Necromancy spell in Magic 4e) being released into the immediate area. It was brutal and suicidal to be anywhere near ground zero.

In play, we actually managed to get our hands on one and link it to a Utter Dome. The Big Evil Guy did not like that very much.

One thing about the Skull Spirit Bomb, our nation apparently had to enslave, subjugate, and systematically murder an entire species of tiny skull'd sentients in order to build these bombs and defeat the 'bad' guys. Go USA!
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