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Default Pistol smoke

As an aside, many miniature wargames add a smoke affect from powder discharge. Probably not much for a pistol, a little for an arquebus, but a line of arcquebuses might create a cloud of smoke around the shooters.

This can be simulated by placing a thin cotton ball on the figure or in the front hex of the figure. This cloud lowers visibility, making it difficult to see beyond the whisps. The smoke should only last a turn or two, then dissipates.

The penalty for the whisps could be -1dx to shoot through (to hit accurately) the target beyond the smoke Or perhaps not seeing the figure to shoot at them, etc.

If you're firing cannons, the smoke would cloud up exponentially and last longer and perhaps even move in the breeze.

I'm sure this smoke issue has been previously covered in the GUNS threads.
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Default Re: Pistols in The Fantasy Trip?

I used the following rules for my Goranth (non-Cidri) campaign.

The HACKBUT is a large matchlock musket. It fires a single ball for over 70 hexes. It is considered a missile weapon, doing 3+3 dice damage. It is very clumsy; it takes 2 turns to ready and 12 turns to reload and ready after firing. the Hackbut can be aimed to increase accuracy, +1 to hit per round spent aiming, up to +3. Anyone without the GUNS talent is at -4 to hit and gains no bonus from aiming.

The CALIVER is a short barreled matchlock weapon designed to be fired with one hand. Once fired it is a club. It fires a single ball to a distance of 60 hexes. It takes 2 rounds to ready the Caliver to fire and the shooter makes a 3/DX roll when firing to keep hold of the weapon, failure means the caliver is dropped. It takes 6 rounds to reload a Caliver.

BLUNDERBUSS is a short barreled gunpowder weapon with a large bore and a bell shaped muzzle. When discharged, it affects every target within a triangular area 10 hexes long. Its apex is the hex the blunderbuss is pointed into, adjacent to the user.
Every target in the blast area is affected by the blunderbuss if a straight line between the center of his hex and the blunderbuss hex passes through no obstacle or occupied hex. Figures affected by the blunderbuss must make a saving roll (4/DX); if they miss, they take (1d+2) damage from a hail of rocks, rusty nails, broken glass, and other junk. The user of the blunderbuss must make a saving roll (3/ST) to avoid falling down from the recoil. (If, he/she does not have the GUNS talent, -4 ST for this roll!)
A blunderbuss takes only 1 turn to ready, but 12 turns to reload after firing.

The HARKBUS is a very large gunpowder weapon, a bit to large to use without resting it on something. There is a hook near the muzzle that allows the Harkbus to absorb most of the energy from firing by hooking the weapon on the top of a wall, a windowsill, or a tree branch. The bore on a Harkbus makes a Hackbut look like a children’s toy, hence the hook. Resting the weapon reduces the ST Min to 8. Normally only used for defense of a fortified position.

There is always the chance that a given charge of gunpowder will be bad. Before firing any gunpowder weapon, roll 2d. On a roll of 11+ the gun does not fire. Of you bought very cheap gunpowder, the GM may make it a roll of 9+!)
On a roll of 18, a gunpowder weapon explodes. The explosion does damage like a grenade (see below), except that there is no significant concussion effect.

Blunderbuss (AoE)..4...1+2....1.5.....$200

For Cost comparison:
A Broadsword is $80.
So you've got the tiger by the tail. Now what?

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