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Default Re: Programmed Adventure Editor

Originally Posted by Shadekeep View Post
I was just thinking of the Dwarfstar games the other night. It would be so nice to have those back in print, along with some of SPI's back catalogue. Wonder where in rights limbo those all dwell now...
SPI games MOSTLY reside with Decision Games now, but some are still floating around out there, probably with WotC (assuming they took over all of TSR's property rights) for many, but some are just in the ether (meaning that the rights are owned by SOMEONE, but they aren't currently enforcing them -- though if you try to make money off of them or otherwise infringe on the market for them, you are violating copyright law regardless), like TFT was until Steve got his rights back. Keep in mind that many SPI properties were sold to places like Avalon Hill and a couple of other now defunct companies that briefly owned the "S&T" magazine. A good place to take a look at what SPI games you might be able to do something with is HPS' DieHauptKampfLinie web site, which has game sets created for ADC2 -- if you don't have ADC2, downloading the game sets probably won't do you a ton of good, but you can at least see some of the titles of the games that Decision Games doesn't currently hold copyright to (they reserve the right to do ADC modules for their own games). Keep in mind this listing is not a legally definitive one, by any means... In other words, use at your own risk. Personally, I would tend to NOT share anything that I wasn't 100% sure it was okay to do so.

To see what DG apparently doesn't have an issue with (or at least, has chosen not to request be withdrawn), click on the SPI folder (scroll down past the screen shots), not the DG folder.

(Just FYI -- there is nothing wrong with doing an ADC module for a game on their list (or ANY game, for that matter) for your own use, but technically you're not supposed to share it except with people who already own the hard-copy game.)
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