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Default Re: Surveys

Can’t wait! And I have a lunchtime game scheduled for tomorrow so the timing is excellent!
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Default Re: Surveys

Originally Posted by philreed View Post
We will post an update to the Kickstarter project once we start sending files. We think we're on track to deliver the first PDFs today.
Steve and the rest of you folks at Steve Jackson Games should be suitably flattered about the excitement level this has created among us “Legacy Trippers” and all the tons of new fans we have all generated together in the campaign.
“Too often. . .I would hear men boast of the miles covered that day, rarely of what they had seen.” - Louis L’Amour
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Default Re: Surveys

Hey there,

Good question.

In this case, anything that was a pre-order was being charged a base shipping and handling rate to start the process. In this case, we couldn’t opt the PDF’s out of this process, sadly. You’re more than welcome to purchase this, and I will provide a 5 dollar credit if you checkout with Credit card. If you use PayPal it’ll charge instantly.

Sorry about that!

Darryll Silva
Mr. Silva:

I went a head and pre-ordered the Cardboard Heroes bundle, using my credit card. Hopefully this will enable you to provide the 5 dollar refund.
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