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Old 01-01-2007, 10:26 AM   #41
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Default Re: {In Nomine} Favorite Canon Superiors?

Originally Posted by RadLilim
For the Host I love Novalis and Gabbie.
Oh, ya think?

Originally Posted by RadLilim
The Game has grown on me since a PC of mine has been playing one of his,
thanks. :)
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Default Re: {In Nomine} Favorite Canon Superiors?

Might as well add my favorites to the list.

Host: Yves, Eli, Jordi. Why? Cause they're cool.

Horde: Asmodeus, Kronos, perhaps Kobal. Why? Same reason. Beleth would probably be interesting too, but she's never really come up in any of my games.

I can't stand Laurence or Dominic. I call Laurence Lapdog. I may get banned for saying this but I also don't care too much for Lilith. There's nothing wrong with her per se, she just seems overhyped.
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Old 01-01-2007, 09:43 PM   #43
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Default Re: {In Nomine} Favorite Canon Superiors?

Originally Posted by Fade

No, seriously!

I mean, I'll grant that the adventure leading to his investiture had some...issues. And that he's an annoying, low-powered brat who's likely to get squashed one of these days. And that his attunements aren't strictly balanced (not that many are, in the game).

But here's a demon who ran Renegade, sold his soul to Lilith, and pretty much risked soul-death just so that he could thumb his nose at the entire Hell establishment and call their hierarchy stupid and arbitrary. Then got a Princedom out of it. I mean, in a Hell where the whole "Rebellion" concept apparently took approximately three weeks to settle back into a set of rules and hierarchies and enforcements that left all these theoretical rebels with less personal freedom than a Heavenly reliever, here's someone who actually went back to the "You can't tell me what to do!" tantrum of the original and embraced it.

I'm rather influenced on this point by playing in the Most Awesome Hardcore Game Ever. But even aside from that, I like the concept of it. Sure, Furfur's whole rebellion is a bit stupid and ultimately doomed, but he's pretty much a microcosm of Hell in that sense. And he's not pretending to be suave and noble about it the way some of the other demons are. There's a certain brilliant, profane honesty to his approach.
I forgot all about him, but he is great. I haven't really done anything with him this game other than say he exists, but in my last game he was a huge player.
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Old 01-09-2007, 09:59 AM   #44
Archangel Beth
In Nomine Line Editor
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Default Re: {In Nomine} Favorite Canon Superiors?

Originally Posted by Dark Mistress
She is the second mortal and the first mortal female,
This is not quite accurate, in In Nomine. Evolution is, for IN, a fact. (Though probably an evolution that's been tweaked by divine hands many a time...) Lilith was one of the three created mortals, who had no childhood, presumably no prior incarnations {my gods I just thought of that and wouldn't that be a twisted braincrack}, but was formed in a POOF, along with Adam.

She's also not mortal, and apparently never was, unless Lucifer went giving gifts to her pretty early on there, before the Fall.

Mind, that's the default for IN. As usual, GMs may always tweak!

(What, my favorites? Er... Well, yeah, Lilith. Doh. Next is Azzie. Then the very twisted versions of Nybbas (from Interesting Times) and Andrealphus (from SSO), who I might actually like better, but they've been rather changed around, so they might not count.

On the angelic side... Hm. Eli as I do him, definitely. Gabriel is wonderfully mutable. Laurence grows on me, though I probably make him a little more human than maybe I should at times (especially in Interesting Times). Janus is delightful for inflicting on players. I gained a heck of a lot of sympathy for Dominic when I wound up writing some stuff involving a "nice guy" Seraph of Judgment and having to reconcile this with his equal devotion to his Boss. My absolute favorite is Jean, though.

Those choices should come as NO SURPRISE to anyone.)

(SSO is explained in another relatively recent thread, I beleive. Interesting Times is a post-Armageddon series of fic I wrote. There is an incomplete list of stories at (scroll down to Interesting Times), and they're all marked by an "IT" in my LiveJournal Memories -- you'll have to check both my Lilith memories segment, and the non-Lilith In Nomine one. I split them out because of the Lilabetic readers...)
Shamelessly adding Superiors: Lilith and her fiction page to her .sig (the latter is not precisely gaming related)
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Default Re: {In Nomine} Favorite Canon Superiors?

Yves: Very nice for a GM to make adventure
Eli: Angel PC are more relax

Andrealphus: Well...
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Old 05-10-2007, 03:14 AM   #46
Experimental Subject
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Default Re: {In Nomine} Favorite Canon Superiors?

Originally Posted by BillionSix
I like Saminga a lot.
Same here. Saminga is so much good ol' B-Movie style, I can't help but love him. Also, he has a simple, understandable dream (Kill! All!). And, he has managed to get far with only a limited, eerh, IQ. That deserves respect.

Heaven-wise, I like Dominic. He can be both very sympathetic and disgusting, sometimes both at once. I like that quality.
Like a mail order mogwai...but nerdier - Nymdok
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Default Re: {In Nomine} Favorite Canon Superiors?

Originally Posted by Archangel Beth
Out of idle curiosity, which Superiors are people's favorites -- and why?
In terms of GMing them, I don't know yet. Ask me in a year. Purely sentimentally, Lilith; she comes closest to an ethical position that makes sense to me.

Bill Stoddard
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Old 05-17-2007, 04:01 AM   #48
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Default Re: {In Nomine} Favorite Canon Superiors?


Gabriel - From Lyta Alexander to Willow Rosenberg to Jean Grey/Pheonix, I just have a thing for women who are horrendously powerful, strong yet vulnerable at the same time, redheads, and mentally unstable.

Who else told Dominic to sod off, and stropped out of Heaven while still actually on trial (the charges were only dropped after she went)? Even Michael accepted his trial, but not Gabriel.

I particularly love the quote in her expanded write-up:

"constantly on the run from herself - that being the only celestial who can truly threaten her (except perhaps for Micheal)"

Gabriel is also my all-time favourite wild card. so far I've had her turn up on an intervention roll, and throw in her archangel vote (via Soldekai's unexpected arrival) at a critical moment when all seemed lost. Like Eli, she is unpredictable, but unlike Eli she still acts (via Soldekai) in celestial politics.

As for my favourite demon prince, I have to tie between Lilith and Kobal.

You would not believe how many PCs get themselves geased, sometimes intentionally. Everyone has a weakness, often this weakness is a Need, and a lilim can go straight to it. That goes double for Lilith, and she can fulfil all sorts of needs her daughters have trouble with.

I like the fact Lilith is the only surviving major Demon Prince to be primarily female (of course, as a human, she is the only superior with true gender). This allows me to play her as the sort of ultimate stereotype female manipulator, wrapping you around her little finger when in a good mood, and
playing the most vicious forms of mind games if you defy her.

She is also the most human of the princes, and has the least evil word. However, she is still a *Demon* Princess, and woe betide anyone who gets on the wrong side of her.

I recently had great fun when a geased malakite (long story) defied Lilith by rerfusing to carry out her invoked Geas. His thinking was he would only take dissonance per time period unfulfilled (a month), and within two of those he would have completed his rescue of his true love (said geases being for the info to do this) and handed himself over to the Heavenly Inquisition to be annihilated. Poor poor deluded angel. Never defy Lilith.

[she merely gave him the 'you don't think you have anything to lose, but you haven't thought it through' speech from Batman Begins, complete with explanations of just how she could destroy everyone he cared about (including said true love) and how she would do so, not out of spite, but because she could not have anyone defy her sucessfully, or lose her power base. 'Nothing personal, you understand'.]


Kobal looks like a comedy superior, until you start looking at little details (mostly in the expanded superiors book).

Hang on, he has the greatest essence flow in hell.
He has a demon prince ally who isn't looking to betray him, and has eaten two demon princes already.
He sends groups to 'play pranks on' his renegades, and these rengades often *willingly* hand themselves over to Asmodeus (!!!) in order to escape this.
He managed to almost start Armageddon, and survived those events with his life, his position and his allies (Haagenti *and* Malphas). There is also a distinct implication that nearly starting Armageddon was *not* the ultimate joke. (since his expanded write-up mentions the final trumpet as having happened, and also mentions the joke taking shape in his mind in the present tense). If that wasn't it, what the Hell can he do to top it?!

But Gabriel is my favourite Superior overall.

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meta, superiors

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