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Old 02-07-2019, 12:18 PM   #1
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Default One-Page Bulge!

Hey guys, I'm one of many of the very enthusiastic backers of the current Pocket Box Games of the Eighties campaign by Steve Jackson Games and it is going swimmingly to say the least!

Kickstater Link:

Now, I've been on cloud nine all throughout this campaign due to Car Wars (and it's many expansions, both ziploc and pocket box), Ogre (it's many expansions), Illuminati (and expansions...this will be my first exposure to Illuminati also)...

We've thankfully unlocked Raid on Iran and are dangerously close to unlocking One-Page Bulge (as of this post, just a little under 4K to unlock it)! All I knew about the game besides the title was the description that provided a brief history that explained that this game started out as a challenge: Was it possible to design a good war game and keep the rules down to a sheet of 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper? This sounded interesting to me!

Then earlier today I came across this "unboxing" video on YouTube, where a channel named Centurion's Reviews showed off what was in the Ziploc version of this game...

Link to video:

I am slightly embarrassed that I didn't connect the mental dots...One-Page Bulge...Battle of the Bulge...Wow! I had no idea that this game was a representation of this historic battle! It's actually one of my favorite battles to play through in Memoir 44 and I've always had a strong interest in WWII history!

I know once this project is at my doorstep, this WILL BE the first game out of many that I will immediately dive right into! I simply can't believe on one page they fit rules including: weather, Allied air superiority, German supply/isolation, bridge destruction and capture of Allied supplies! Holy cow!

I'm so happy I'll get to experience this (sadly) rather obscure game!

The purpose of this thread isn't merely to gush over this fact/game nor to solely advertise this current Kickstarter, but I had to get those out of the way (glad I did though). As you can probably tell...I am a newbie when it comes to this game...

Would any of you kind souls on this forum care to share: memories, impressions, house rules, etc. on here? Am I right to be super excited by the prospect of owning and playing this? :D

I'm very enthusiastic and open to reading any experiences with this game and insight that you guys might be kind enough to bestow upon me...

Thank you for your time!

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