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Default Re: Orcslayer

No but hold my beer... er... I mean, it would be really easy to do.

I'm not sure if SJG would object... let me try asking...
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Default Re: Orcslayer

Originally Posted by Chris Rice View Post
Has anyone statted out Orcslayer for TFT or Melee?

Yes. I have. Very easy to do and works quite well. I've run two groups through Orcslayer as ITL. The main thing is to ignore having Lyondel or Snorri join your group. They are either underpowered or overpowered depending on how you convert them. I gave up on them and the Reptilemen as additional PC or NPC contributors. (Of course I haven't had anyone yet with Diplomacy - which is what I require to incorporate them in the group). The worst scenario to implement is Castle Defiant defense. The speed of the onslaught - even keeping the timing per turn (5 Sec in TFT rather than the per second of GURPS / Man to Man) can easily overwhelm. In my playtest that was the one that needed the most tweaking to allow the characters to survive.

The last playthrough was much easier because there were two characters with AdjDX of 18 and a Long Bow - that kept most of the Orcs from bashing the door in and getting inside.
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Default Re: Orcslayer

Originally Posted by Teclis View Post
I have to say, I don't know what the table top RPG community is like in other cities . . .
Yes. Yes, apparently you do.
...if one knew where to go, he could step through a shimmering portal today and be in Cidri . . .
The Fantasy Trip Resource Hub
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