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Default Re: (IC) Lost in Dreams (Julian)

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
"It is life and death. Without this, we can't talk to Paldrian, which means he send someone to come get us. Which means we'll starve, be eaten by beasts, or captured by Hawkin if we can't find out way back to an outpost."
Uh oh. Wait... Reslin wasn't sure he knew the way back to the hole. They don't know how to get back to Bumundo. This is really, really bad.


Maybe I'll get to see them in captivity too.

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Togar: "'[]'* is a prayer. You say it when you find something. Its a little... old."
*its a short phrase, not a word. Something like 10 syllables long.
"So people are more religious where you're from?"

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Reslin: "<> is what you call someone who is cared for by servants and has never been out of a city. Soft. Too much money. Too much comfort. Too little courage."
(this word is likely to be translated 'posh' going forward.)
I guess he thought the fact I thought that someone was around was really soft then.

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
That's successful... how many of them out of the total?
Ideally all of them, but I figure that would be too easily noticed, so probably less than that.
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lost in dreams

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