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Default Re: Need a transhumanist bunnygirl template

Originally Posted by robkelk View Post
I have need for a "bunnygirl" template for the unofficial Gernsback-2 setting. This is a on-the-verge-of-transhumanist setting (not as developed as Transhuman Space) where biomodification is still in its infancy. Spectacular successes are known, but so are spectacular failures, and (so far) every biomodification is a one-off. (On the flip side, the setting's superscience allows biomodification of an adult life form... but there's no going back.)

All biomodification racial templates in this setting must have this meta-trait: Unusual Biochemistry [-5]; Dependency ("random roll" food or drink item; very common, weekly) [-10]; Taboo Trait (Genetic Defects) [0]; Minor Addiction ("random roll" food or drink related to but not Dependency) [-1].

That's the background. My current problem: I have need to insert a "bunnygirl" into the setting. Not a sexy human female wearing an outfit that Playboy made famous - a human-sized highly-anthropomorphic lagomorph. (Although there's nothing stopping one of these bunnygirls from wearing that outfit; she just wouldn't need the ears and tail, since she's got her own built-in.) The trouble is, I don't keep a pet and my copy of GURPS Bunnies and Burrows is deep in storage, so I have no idea what a bunny person would have in the way of racial attributes. Long ears, powder-puff tail, and a light covering of fur are obvious traits, but what are the game effects of those, and what do they have internally that I don't know about?

I'm aiming in the neighbourhood of 100 points for the template, give or take 25 points. (Starting characters are usually around 250 points in this setting.)

So... what does the template look like, aside from the meta-trait?
Do you have Bio-Tech? Check out the Lepus parahuman template (p. 74). Seemz we alredi haz buni purson!

I hope this helps.

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