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Jareth Valar
Join Date: Aug 2013
Default Re: Looking for good House Rule on Wealth

Originally Posted by Gnome View Post
Have you checked out "Abstract Wealth" from Pyramid #3/44? It basically turns Wealth into an attribute that you roll against to make purchases.

I have used the system in one campaign, though I combined it with standard Wealth. Every character got 20% of their starting Wealth as equipment/cash, and the Abstract Wealth rules were used to handle the other 80%. This was a TL6 game, and it worked out really nicely. PCs could choose whether to pay for things out of pocket (using "cash on hand") or using Abstract Wealth.
I would use this system again for any game in which I want the characters to have remotely realistic financial situations (so not DF) without having to deal with boring bookkeeping.
Good article and good idea on how to incorporate.

My on;y issue with it, if i am remembering correctly, it doesn't address in any way what to do with Independent Income. We were thinking on using this but haven't come up with a a solution on how to handle it (every PC has some varying level of Independent Income).
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