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Old 06-09-2013, 08:10 PM   #1
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Default Munchkin Hireling

I have the need for steed expansion, how can a hireling be killed?

I just started playing this expansion after some years of not playing and it came up

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Default Re: Munchkin Hireling

There is a Kill Hireling GUAL (Go Up A Level). Otherwise there might be Curses or Bad Stuff that kills a hireling.
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Default Re: Munchkin Hireling

The rule sheet that comes with Need for Steed has comprehensive rules for when you can play and what you can do with Hirelings.
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Default Re: Munchkin Hireling

I saw the rules but I didn't see how a hireling can die and you loot the gear. Say that I die in combat, normally all the 'friends' loot my corpse and i go back to lvl 1 and get my new cards. Does that mean i can loot my hireling after that?
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Munchkin Hireling

You don't go back to Level 1 when you die. I'd really like to know where this idea comes from, because it's definitely not in the rulesheet -- in fact, the rules are clear that you keep your Level.

Your Hireling can be looted like any other card if you die. If no one loots it from your corpse, then you discard it.
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Default Re: Munchkin Hireling

It seems like you're asking about why there is the clause about Hirelings dying in the rules that states you then loot their corpse and keep the Item, fugazi.

As tremorlaine stated, there are some cards in most sets that can kill a Hireling. They are usually Go Up a Level cards with a special condition that a Hireling is present somewhere on the table and you must discard a Hireling to use the card. That would be a case of your Hireling dying and you getting to loot their corpse. Your own Death does not mean your Hireling is dying, so you use the standard Death rules.

Also note that some Hirelings override those Hireling rules. For example, the Hireling from Munchkin and Munchkin 3 says you lose any Item the Hireling is carrying if you lose the Hireling. You wouldn't be able to loot those ones if Kill The Hireling was used, but you would be able to loot the Item off a Warrior Hireling if Kill The Hireling was used on it due to the rule.
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