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Default List of all known Universal Munchkin Expansion / Mini Booster card sets

In efforts of keeping the Door and Treasure decks low, this an attempt at a list of avoiding blending core sets together.

Tip: Use two different color card sleeve backings for the Door and Treasure cards that the backings may not match.
Tip #2: Add only one or two, yet no more than three of these expansions with any Munchkin set.

Expansion (29 or more cards):

Munchkin 6 — Double Dungeons (Crossover Rules — "Read them, and use whichever ones you like.")
Munchkin Cheats
Munchkin Cthulhu 4 — Crazed Caverns (Crossover Rules —"Read them, and use whichever ones you like.")
Munchkin Deadpool: Just Deadpool
Munchkin Pathfinder 2 — Guns and Razzes
Munchkin Pathfinder 3 — Odd Ventures (Crossover Rules —"Read them, and use whichever ones you like.")
Munchkin Side Quests
Munchkin: The Red Dragon Inn

Mini-Expansion (Booster):

Munchkin Clowns
Munchkin Curses
Munchkin Easter Eggs (has "Little Bunny Thulhu")
Munchkin Fairy Dust
Munchkin Hipster
Munchkin Holidazed
Munchkin Kittens (has "Great Cathulhu")
Munchkin Monster Enhancers
Munchkin Naughty and Nice
Munchkin Pathfinder Hero Pack
Munchkin Party Pack
Munchkin Reindeer Games
Munchkin Reloaded!
Munchkin Waiting for Santa

One reference of another Munchkin set's Class, Race or *"Specific Card Title" in a card's text:

Munchkin Love Shark Baby(Reference Warriors once)
Munchkin Booty: Fish and Ships (Reference "Super Munchkin"-crossover to other sets)
Munchkin Dragons: Four More (Reference Wizards once)
Munchkin Holiday Surpirse-Exclusive Set Cards Only! (Reference "Potion" once)
Munchkin Oomba Unrivaled (Reference "Potion" once)
Munchkin Princesses (Reference Dwarves once, "Wishing Ring" once-crossover to other sets)
Munchkin Santa's Revenge (Reference Clerics once)

*"Specific Card Title" does not include types of Monsters that can stack.
If any error(s) in this list are found, please state where ALL the error(s) can be found.

This thread might not have all the updated products or URLs, as this is the SJGames' job to forward the old product URL to the new product URL properly.

Last edited by Andrew Hackard; 12-10-2019 at 07:13 AM. Reason: removed reference to a product that never shipped
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