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Default Thief class: When a Thief can use Theft:

These thief questions have been addressed before on the forums, but my playgroup wants Andrew to answer them with current Munchkin errata if possible. If there is no real ruling for the thief ability we will use house rules even though we would rather use official rulings. Also, there are many different combination of answers on the forums/online for this question, so this is why we are just looking for Andrews response if possible. Thanks again for any input.

These are not Munchkin CCG questions.

Thief class question:

When can a thief use the Theft ability?

Can the thief be in combat?

Can the victim be in combat?

Can it be at the beginning of the game or level 1?

Theft says "You may discard a card to try to seal a small item carried by another player." so does that mean only one possible theft chance on one player per turn or one possible theft on each player per turn?


Can a thief discard as many cards as they want in attempt to steal cards from another player?

All of these questions take in consideration a level loss with failed dice rolls.

All of these questions bother my playgroup, since not a single thief card talks about combat.

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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Thief class: When a Thief can use Theft:

The rules say a Thief cannot try to steal when either the Thief or the victim is in combat -- in, IIRC, three separate places. It's not on the card because there's already a LOT of text on the card.

Assuming neither the Thief nor the victim is in combat, the Thief can try to steal as long as she has the cards to discard. Even at Level 1, because losing the level isn't a cost of the ability but a penalty for failing to steal successfully. The cost is discarding the card.

If by "the beginning of the game" you mean before the first player starts their turn, then no. You have to wait until the game actually begins.
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