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Default Tactical uses of the Staff III

Sydney, Human wizard, age 20
ST 8, DX 11, IQ 13, MA 10
Talents: Knife, Literacy, Whip
Spells include: Aid, 3-Hex Fire, Illusion, Light, Reverse Missiles, Staff III
Weapons: 5*Whip (1d-1), Staff III silver Dagger (1d-1/1d occult)
Attacks and Damage: Punch (1d-4)

Sydney will stand behind the fighters and trip foes with whip while applying DX adjustments by putting them on fire. She uses the occult blasts (adj DX 14) when heavily armored foes need just a few more points of damage that turn to put them at a DX minus or topple them over. She'll fight alone behind a wall of flames, using whips and Illusions as needed.

Her career advancement is to bring DX up to 14, then advance IQ as best she can thereafter. She'll focus mostly on adding spells at that point, but may be tempted into getting Dagger Mastery at some point, but Mana is likely to be more useful.
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