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Default Suggested terrain for Ogre Miniatures?

Are there any rules-of-thumb for Ogre Miniatures terrain? For example, suppose you were to divide the 5'x3' board into 6" squares; how many squares would have some sort of blocking terrain? I'm guessing about 1/2 to 2/3 would have terrain of some kind.
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Default Re: Suggested terrain for Ogre Miniatures?

First, if you have any of the G.E.V./Shockwave maps, they make great references. Since the scale 2"= 1 hex (or did that change recently? Honestly, I went back to hexes years ago) you can easily translate that into the size, shapes and amounts of miniature scenery. However, the printed maps tend to be VERY terrain heavy. Bear this in mind when you go creating scenery for your games.

So, knowing the scale conversion, you can choose any part of the map that fits the dimensions you've decided on and prepare scenery based on that.

Oooor, you can use Tom's fantastic OGREMAP (at: to plot out your scenery using exactly the board size you want to see how it looks. Plus it has the advantage of providing you a playtest map to try out the scenery with counters first.
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Default Re: Suggested terrain for Ogre Miniatures?

When I play Ogre Minis, I tend to use my Hexon stuff - an example pic is my profile shot here <-------

So I can sort of replicate Ogre boardgame layouts to a degree. But I tend to aim for a bit of a mix-up of terrain items but still have one item as the priority.

(E.g., I may have a hex with some woodland scrub added to it (lichen/scrubpads torn up with foliage flock glued on) but a Main Building denotes this is a Facility as a Game Objective.)

As LOS is irrelevant, you can really overload your tabletop with terrain for creating a spectacle. Or if you prefer it clean, just keep it simple to reflect an aesthetic representation of the land you're fighting over.

My main task I'm still working on is to adequately represent Urban terrain. I'm thinking of a base-layer hex, to then have building models that are placed on it, perhaps even held in place by micro-magnets/steel paper. That way the terrain can be shuffled about to accommodate the miniatures - even have replacement ruins/rubble.
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