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Default Universal Rules for Influencing Skills and Reaction Rolls [Basic]

When PCs attempt to influence NPCs, they modify the reaction of the NPCs to the PCs. When NPCs attempt to influence PCs though, since players determine the reactions of the PCs, NPCs instead inflict a penalty (or give a bonus) to PC die rolls when interacting with that NPCs. What happens when PCs attempt to influence PCs and NPCs attempt to influence NPCs?

I suggest that all uses of Influence skills instead inflict a penalty (or give a bonus) to their target equal to their margin of success rather than give a set reaction. Reaction rolls should not be dependent on Influence skills, though Influence skills should, perhaps, give a +1 bonus (+2 bonus at Skill 20+). Most importantly, PCs should have first impressions shaped by reaction rolls as much as NPCs (though they still determine their actions unless constrained by circumstances or disadvantages).

So, what do you think? Would it make more sense to make the rules for Influence skills and Reaction rolls universal? Or would you rather keep them the way that they are?
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Default Re: Universal Rules for Influencing Skills and Reaction Rolls [Basic]

I think it imposes universality at the expense of (a) depriving players of the power to roleplay their characters as they see fit and (b) making Influence skills much less effective in a way that's likely to turn every social interaction into a long drawn out process. It seems to defeat the primary functions of the game mechanics in question.
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