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Default Re: Working with new components

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
Ok, next question on this general subject: The 'Adventures' all come with custom markers, which we presumably are supposed to transform into hard copy in some fashion or another. The path of least resistance is to just print them and cut them out as thin paper pieces, but I suspect the craftier of the people here will take a more ambitious approach and get them mounted on firm cardboard with a weight and texture similar to our die cut pieces. Does anyone here have specific materials and methods they'd like to share, to help the less talented of us make good quality components?

Edit: I just figured out that they are giving us die cut counter sheets with the adventure book. What will they think of next!! But, perhaps my question is useful in a more general sense, as folks are likely to want to do things like this.
I've tried a variety of printing methods for both the square counters and the hex grids. It really amounts to your time versus money.

The squares are the easiest to deal with. There is a lot of terrain out there already and squares are easy to fabricate, but basically it boils down to cost.
I started printing the counter sheet onto paper and then mounting it onto cardboard chits. Results were vaguely unsatisfactory. So, I cut chits from a sign I bought at Home Depot and used carpet tape to glue it down. Better but an incredible amount of glue ended up everywhere, requiring acetone to remove from scissors. A can of spray glue mount costs $15 at Home Depot so I considered buying it when I remembered that Avery labels sell 1 full sheet pre-glued labels you can print onto and cut and then put on the aforementioned chits. You can also laminate the printed paper or label and then mount them on the chits. They looked great and had a great feel to them and I was smugly satisfied until I realised the amount of time involved was excessive. By that time the Legacy Edition had arrived and I liked the SJG counters more than mine and all I had to do was punch them out. I have a suspicion the Melee and Wizard boxes could become popular for stripping out the counters and using them for ANY fantasy role playing system, because there are a lot of them for fair value. It's hard to beat mass production costs, you can collect them as needed at $15 a shot and a small hardware nuts and bolts case can carry an entire mini army.

The hexes are really problematic. There is a lot of precision required to cut out hexes that fit together and look decent. I've tried various printing and glue onto cardboard schemes but I'm not satisfied. I'm not quite at making every single encounter at Melee board size, but frankly, with the new playmat, it's something I'm considering. The key might be blocking out sections rather than building them. Input would be appreciated!

So far at the high end I've tried buying mdf hexes and using some epoxy adhesive but there are no 1.5" hexes being sold. It's all 32 or 40 mm bases for Warhammer and whatnot. So size is off. Also, while they are nice, it is costly and they are heavy. Also, they won't match any SJG boxed products. Again, unless you're really precise at this, it's difficult. I'll buy a couple extra hex sheets to use with the mats and be done with it.

I hope that helps.
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Default Re: Working with new components

The best way to remove Dry Erase marker that has been there for some time that I have found, is Window Cleaner on a paper towel...

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