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Default Update version

Update version
  • FEATURE: Invite System - If you send an invitation to a MP game and the person you're inviting is in a single player game, they will now be notified
  • FEATURE: The Scenario Editor now has helpful hotkeys, which will help with making scenarios quicker and displaying how the system works a little clearer!
  • Disabled units now recovering at correct time
  • Fixed a bug where G.E.V.s were receiving an additional recovery phase just before the G.E.V. movement phase
  • Heavies in Overrun against Ogres now do 2 damage to Treads instead of 1.
  • Added a fix where units in Overrun weren't turning to target the correct opponent
  • Campaign mission 7 reinforcements were showing 0/0 for points values. Now displaying correct values
  • Campaign 8 hang should now be fixed
  • Fixed issue where Infantry were showing 0 attack during overrun
  • All units now showing their correct attack strength
  • Minor text fixes
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Default Re: Update version

Awesome! I can't wait to try it out this evening!
Joshua Megerman, SJGames MIB #5273 - Ogre AI Testing Division
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