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Default TMNT Munchkin Question when to play cards and team up question

hello all

I am brand new to Munckin! A friend of mine bought the tmnt deluxe version, and we played with pizza on national pizza day!

I watched a youtube video how to play the game, and read the rules.

My question though is how do we play cards.

Phase 1 specifically says you must "kick open the door" to start.

Are you able to play level up cards prior to?

My first hunch is no - and you can only play equip cards on your turn.

Also when you ask someone to team up

do you get their level for strength as well

2 example

1- Casey Jones wants to play a level up card before he opens the door? Is he allowed- or can he only play level up cards during the charity phase

2. Leo is facing a foot soldier level 2. Leo is a level 1. He ask Donatello to team up. Donatello is currently level 2. With Leo and Don teaming up do they become level 6? Leos ability grants a +3 and Don is level 2 so 1 + 3 + 2?
Also Donatello would automatically gain a treasure if they defeat the boss because of his team ability correct?

Thank you for all clarification as I plan on playing the game again today!
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