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Old 07-31-2018, 03:18 PM   #1
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Default Afflictions that grant dis/advantages

Hello. I just had a question about the how/who controls an advantage that is "granted" as an affliction

an exampleis "exoteleportation" at it's most basic I buy the enhancement "Warp +1,000" and assuming the target fails it's resistance roll i can then "beam" them anywhere I want within the limitations of Warp (IQ roll, fatigue, time, ect; )

But what if my character is the "deity of time and space" and I want to give one of my followers the ability of Warp for a short period of I still simply applying "warp +1,000" to the affliction? what if I wanted to do it both as an "attack" and a "boon"? would I have to buy it serperately, or simply apply another "switchable" enhancement?

A similar question comes to what if I wanted to grant "uncontrollable flight" to a victim...would they just go ping ponging all over uncontrollably? simply be unable to land? or am I the "pilot" maneuvering them whereever i want like telekensis but at x2 their basic move?
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Kelly Pedersen
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Default Re: Afflictions that grant dis/advantages

You use Affliction for both of these, and the enhancement values are the same. You have to decided which one it's going to be when you take the ability. The critical difference is that with Afflictions where you control how the advantage is used, you also have to pay any costs of the advantage, and any other limitations on activation also apply to you, not the target. With Warp, for example, if you want to teleport someone 1000 miles, you have to make the IQ roll for it, which is at -7, and you'll have to concentrate for 30 seconds to not take further penalties. Any FP spent to improve the roll also comes from you, not the target.

Whereas, if you use Affliction to grant the target some ability they can use, it's under their control, but they have to pay all the activation costs, spend time activating it, etc.

You could grant someone Flight with the Uncontrollable limitation using the second method. In that case, though, they'd still be able to roll Will as normal to try to control it, and the Flight would never be actively dangerous to them, just inconvenient and embarrassing.
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Default Re: Afflictions that grant dis/advantages

Warp is an unusual case. If you control the Warp, you do not get to teleport your subject around at will randomly for the duration of the Affliction, you just warp them once.

Alternate Form is another one on that exception list: you just transform them once and they stay that way until the duration expires.

If you grant them Flight and the version you have is that you control it, I understand that you cannot use it as telekinesis and fling them around however you wish. You can turn it off and on however.
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Default Re: Afflictions that grant dis/advantages

hmm with flight I'm not sure...I mean would it be so different if I linked it to mind control "only to control victims flight"? An Arguement could be made that "being in control" of the other person's flight is balanced by the fact I cna't give it to allies to use independently
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