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Default [DF8] Portable Shrine to Gaia

So DF 8 has portable shrines, and gives prices and rules and such

Any idea what a Portable Shrine for Gaia might actually be?
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Default Re: [DF8] Portable Shrine to Gaia

I'm going to assume you mean the Greek Gaia, the primordial earth goddess worshipped by the ancient and Classical Greeks as the embodiment of the very earth they stood on, mother to the sky (Ouranos, via parthenogenesis), Titans, Giants, and monsters alike.

In this case, I'd have a small bowl of earth, a mirror to reflect the sky, and a few seeds to represent wild growth. A mat for laying it out on an altar (makeshift or regular) would probably be brown or green, possibly incorporating both.
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Default Re: [DF8] Portable Shrine to Gaia

I'm assuming you don't mean the Greek Gaia.

Followers of modern Gaianism "typically approach the philosophy with the perspective that you should honor the earth, reduce or soften the human impact on the earth, and to be respectful of all life on earth", or so says Wikipedia. Thus, something natural, unworked, and respectful of life would be suitable as a portable shrine ... or, considering that the entirety of life on Earth is Gaia, a portable shrine might be unnecessary.
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The Colonel
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Default Re: [DF8] Portable Shrine to Gaia

? Pot plant?
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Default Re: [DF8] Portable Shrine to Gaia

There is no obvious reason for the form to vary. Maybe even the opposite - Shinto shrines for example have elements they are all supposed to have regardless of which kami is enshrined there.

In most religions minimal home shrines and the like seem to consist of an image of the god or saint (or equivalently a holy book or symbol) with something to elevate it (a shelf or platform or hook on the wall), a lower platform for offerings with a suitable container (a cup or bowl for water, wine or rice, or a candle or incense holder), maybe a curtain or cabinet around them to close the shrine off from view of the unworthy, and enough space for a worshipper to kneel, sit or prostrate himself in front of it. Certainly anything fancier is unnecessary - a successful religion can't really require a lot from a personal shrine, because it isn't going to stay successful if the masses can't afford to practice the faith.
MA Lloyd
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Default Re: [DF8] Portable Shrine to Gaia

The DM has not offered any strong theological opinions as to Gaia's exact nature
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Default Re: [DF8] Portable Shrine to Gaia

A sealed glass sphere containing a complete biosphere representing the cycle of life, death, rebirth, and the balance of all things coming together to support all life, rather than a single life.

something like one of these guys:
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