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Pectus Solentis
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Default Re: [Spaceships] Can Spinal Battery be bundles of smaller weapons?

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
However, you have no more firepower than you would have using 3 Major Batteries in the front section.

It does allow you to use the Central Core section and a rear Section instead of 2 Front sections but it makes me wonder who's selling you those long skinny weapon systems that are otherwise identical to your standard Majoe Battery.

It's one of the core concepts of Spaceships that every increase in SM is a 3x (3.1x actually but we round for neatness) as large as the SM that went before. It's another core concept that spaceships is deeply agnostic about shape, volume and density and deals only in mass. That's what makes the fuel calculations work out as well as they do.

It complicates matters when you try and deal with one of those factors by itself. I'd need to hear a really good story about where you were getting those long skinny weapon systems.
System 1 : Armor, Diamondoid : dDR 10.
System 2 : Armor, Diamondoid : dDR 10.
System 3 ! Weapons, Spinal Battery : 28cm Caliber Missile Launcher Fixed Mount
System 4 ! Weapons, Medium Battery : 2.5cm Caliber Very Rapid Fire Electromagnetic Gun Fixed Mount * 3
System 5 : Tactical Sensor Array
System 6 : Control Room : Complexity 8 computer, no crew aboard
Core System : N/A
System 1 : Armor, Diamondoid : dDR 10.
System 2 : Armor, Diamondoid : dDR 10.
System 3 : Defensive ECM, TL11
System 4 : Defensive ECM, TL11
System 5 : Defensive ECM, TL11
System 6 : Engine Room : Represents high-end Damage Control systems.
Core System ! Weapon, Spinal Battery
System 1 : Armor, Diamondoid : dDR 10.
System 2 : Armor, Diamondoid : dDR 10.
System 3 ! Weapon, Spinal Battery
System 4 ! Reactionless Engine, 1G.
System 5 ! Reactionless Engine with Contragravity Lifter, 1G.
System 6 : Super Fusion Reactor (4!→3!)
Core System : Super Fusion Reactor (4!→3!)
It is my sheet of Venator Bomber.
I want to design Venatrix Interceptor which is the sister model of Venator whcih shoot a bundle of small but agile missiles to intercept small drones and fighters.
But there is no rule for Rapid/Very Rapid Fire Missile Launcher so I looked for the possibility of Bundles of Spinal Battery.
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