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Old 02-15-2016, 10:17 AM   #1
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Default [Magic] Missile Spells and NMZ Rules Clarification

I've heard it mentioned that Missile Spells that produce physical effects are unaffected when thrown into or through No Mana Zones (NMZ). While I would appreciate a link to where this is clarified (including what differentiates physical missile spells from non-physical, as I did not see either on the FAQ), my real question is thus:

'If a mage carries a ready 'Physical' Missile Spell into a NMZ or is caught in a Drain Mana -like effect while holding a ready missile, is the ready missile affected?'

At the table it was ruled that -- since dropping the missile in question (Explosive Fireball) would cause it to explode regardless of whether it was then in a NMZ or not (an anaolgy of a well with a NMZ at the bottom was made) -- that physical missile spells were 'tied off' and unaffected by any further changes in ambient mana from the point of casting (rolling of the dice) onwards.

Was this on-the-spot ruling correct, rules as written? Any page or FAQ references you could make would be appreciated and I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong place.

Thanks, Expy.
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Default Re: [Magic] Missile Spells and NMZ Rules Clarification

Missile spells are physical entities once cast, and fly through an NMZ just fine. However, I'd use throwing rules for launching one inside of an NMZ, as there's a lack of magic to give it initial propulsion.
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