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Default Re: July 2020 Progress Report

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
A 3'x3' playmat with a complex interior terrain (which I assume will be the case for something like a tavern) is going to be amazing. We are having a great time playing set-piece rumbles using the existing mats, so I'm already rubbing my hands together like a movie villain over ideas for this one.
The playmat covers more than just the interior of the tavern. I can say this with certainty because I have one of them at home.
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Default Re: July 2020 Progress Report

I thought such a big space might also include a few hex perimeter of exterior space.

My group has started integrating the rubber mats into routine campaign play more and more. I'd say every other session or so one of the 6 makes it to the table. I drop them in as 'modules' of dungeons, both because it saves a lot of time manipulating tiles and because they are super engaging play spaces. Everyone at the table just loves the feeling of moving characters around these things, poking into corners, using unusual features as tactical devices in fights. These kind of use of them gets much better as the range grows because it means you don't have to re-use things. Also, they are easy to modify by adding a tile with some unusual feature on it.
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