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Default Re: [Powers] Help with cleric auras

Originally Posted by vierasmarius View Post
"He who has no life can respond in no time."

Oh, sure, that's fine. Limitations can drop a trait down to a minimum of 20% it's base cost; Affliction could go as cheap as [2] per level, but Warp (normally [100]) could only be limited to a minimum of [20]. And yes, a beneficial Affliction can potentially be cheaper than the advantage it's afflicting. The limitations placed on it to get it so low prevent it from being a point crock.
ROFLMAO! Cool Beans! Thanks guys, that's the last piece of the puzzle I needed. I really appreciate the answers (and so will my cleric player characters when they see all the neat abilities they can choose!).
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Default Re: [Powers] Help with cleric auras

And you could create some alternative auras.
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Default Re: [Powers] Help with cleric auras

Originally Posted by BaHalus View Post
And you could create some alternative auras.
Exactly. So the the Striking ST +2 aura works out to 20 or so; add Malediction so they can waive the save, now you're at 30.

Suppose you have the Rapid Healing aura, that's 5 cheaper, or base costs 25, but divide by 5 as an Alternate Attack (for Affliction counts as an attack). Net cost 5 for this additional aura. You might easily have a few more at this drastically reduced rate.

First turn, buff Striking ST. It lasts for at least a minute (reducing the duration might be a way to drop the cost). Next turn, as a free action, switch to Hard to Kill, and emanate that aura as your maneuver. Next turn, rinse and repeat with the next buff in your arsenal. Potent.

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aura of power

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